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In 2018 the NSW State Government introduced new reforms and Legislation, the goal being 17,000 odd children currently living in OOHC (Out of Home Care) until they turn 18 years old, could find a permanent, safe and loving forever home. The reforms and Legislation apply to ALL children who have to enter care in the future also. The Department (FaCS), Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) and Adopt Change are currently recruiting, training and assessing current and prospective carers for various types of care as there is a shortage of carers and prospective carers. There is a need for Crisis, Respite, Short Term, Restoration, Guardianship carers and current or prospective carers wanting to Adopt. Navigating your way around the system is complex and often challenging, the journey is a long one in regards to Open Adoption, although the rewards at the end of the journey supercede all complexities and challenges. Especially for societies most vulnerable children. Could you open your hearts and homes? I am still on my journey after 25 years. Read on then contact me if I can be of service.

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