Tips For A Successful Open Adoption – #1

Tips For A Successful Open Adoption – #1

In Australia all adoptions are Open Adoptions. For children currently in NSW OOHC and children entering care in future in NSW, permanency and forever homes via Adoption is preferred.   According to experts, a successful adoption is indeed a viable phenomenon, provided the parties are aware of the nuances. Keeping up with that, Foster Care and Adoption NSW does not agree open adoption for foster children is or ever will be successful or viable under current practice. This is due to “compromises” the State expects  prospective adopters to make before applications for adoption progress to the Supreme Court.

Foster Care and Adoption NSW strives to enlighten its clients on that.

Follow posts here that will give a glimpse into what the REAL expectations are for an open adoption application to be granted by the Supreme Court. 

# 1 First and Foremost Look for your Comfort Level. 

The first question you should ask, ‘How would I want my relationship with the birth family to look like?’ In other words, you need to discover what you are essentially comfortable with. It includes the frequency of biological/extended family contact with the child post adoption, modes of communication, interactions with biological/extended family members and significant others in the child’s life prior to open adoption.

Generally speaking, a conventional family might not be aware of the essentials of open adoption for children the State has removed unless it is thoroughly educated about it.

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